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We’ve now opened TeeDaily for Public Beta,
Be one of the very first to get a sneak peek on the cool stuff that we’ve been working on. Go ahead, mess around with the site, if you do find something wrong with it, do inform us at You can also pre-order our Alpha T-shirts now. We will deliver it once we start our first daily print!
Thank you for the support in the Ultimate Startup Space Competition
It’s time for you to go ahead and explore TeeDaily!
We are currently in the presentation rounds of the Ultimate Startup Space Competition and while we are busy gearing up for the results, we have opened up our floodgates for design submissions to the site. Be prepared though as the site is still in Beta and alot of things might mess up. Don't be alarmed and do report the errors to us, we will be very grateful. Look through the site, share it with your friends and hope for the very best for us to win the competition and may we see you at the launch of the TeeJunction outlet. Cheers!
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Rewards Table

You’ll receive:
- Blue Medallion and a
- $1 TeeDaily discount code.

You’ll get:
- Green Medallion and a
- $2 TeeDaily discount code
- Plus an invitation to TeeJunction’s cool Launch Party.

You’ll be given:
- Silver Medallion
- All of the cool stuff that comes with being a TeeJunction Supporter
- Plus an exclusive Limited Edition TeeDaily T-Shirt.

You’ll receive:
- Gold Medallion and
- All of the cool stuff that comes with being a TeeJunction Supporter and Patron
- Plus you’ll get a Sponsor Art spot on TeeDaily’s Calendar, worth as much as $310!

- The first 50 Evangelist Premier Founding Members will receive an Ultra-Exclusive Ted the Cat figurine.
- Ted the Cat is TeeDaily’s mascot and each of the figurines will be handmade and individually numbered.

On top of that, if you’re an Evangelist backer, you’ll be in the running to win a one-on-one dinner meeting with TeeDaily’s founder.
This will be an informal event where you will be free to share all your ideas, make new contacts and business relationship and talk about anything under the sun. And enjoy a great dinner, of course!

Plus: Every 25th Evangelist backer will get to rock out with us at in style! You’ll receive a Singapore GP Formula 1 Race Day pass (worth $138 each!) AND catch Linkin Park LIVE at the Padang! We have up to 10 passes up for grabs!

And guess what? If you become our TeeJunction Premier Founding Member, there are even more goodies in store for you. No matter how much you give, you’ll be receiving an individually-signed Certificate and Thank You card in appreciation of your generous contribution. And here’s the coolest bit: you’ll have your name etched on the TeeJunction Founding Members Wall as well as on the TeeDaily website. Your name will be etched in the color associated with the amount of your contribution (so it will appear in shimmering gold if you’re a TeeJunction Evangelist!). We believe in rewarding all our contributors and, in this way, you’ll be becoming part of the TeeJunction name and brand, and your support today will pave the way for the future of artists and T-shirt lovers everywhere.

Charity: In line with the spirit of giving at TeeJunction, 10% of all your contributions will be going towards our first adopted charity of the month, Charity:Water. The goal is to raise $5,000 to help build a well in a remote village, one that can provide clean, safe drinking water to 250 people. Better still, help us go beyond that by raising $20,000 – if we hit that amount, we’ll be able to fund a water project that will involve an entire school or health clinic, which in turn provides 1,000 people with clean, safe and sustainable drinking water.

By supporting TeeJunction by TeeDaily, you’re not only becoming a premier founding member of the first T-shirt-gallery-and-design-incubator hang-out spot in Singapore, you’re also contributing to a worthy cause that will be providing relief and assistance to the many people who are in need of it.